Eks Chelsea Ini Ikut Prihatin Lihat Kondisi Hazard di Real Madrid

Gus Poyet Concerned Seeing Hazard’s Condition at Real Madrid

The situation that run to Belgian midfielder, Eden Hazard at Real Madrid makes so many people feels concerned, including the former of Chelsea player, Gus Poyet.

As we know, Eden Hazard previously known as one of the best football player, his good action with Chelsea led the London club to winning some prestigious titles include Premiere League and Europa League.

Then in the summer transfer market on 2019, Belgian National team decided to leave and accept the proposal from Spanish La Liga, Real Madrid.

At that time, Hazard was redeemed for 100 million euros with hope that he could replace the role of Cristiano Ronaldo who leave behind Juventus a year earlier.

Ofortunately, Hazard considered that he still far from fulfilling the expectation until now. It’s not only in terms of his performance, Hazard rarely even come forward because of the successive injuries he got.

Being the most shining star at Chelsea until he became the dimmest player at Real Madrid makes so many people and also Gus Poyet feel concerned with Harzard’s condition right now.

That ex Chelsea players shared sympathy with what happened to Hazard. In his side of view, Hazard has physical problems, he looks too old to joining Los Blancos.

“I am sick seeing this. The year Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves is the ideal time to replace him, he had a grat season with Chelsea,”

“When Hazard arrived at Mardid, he suddenly look older. I didn’t think his style of play was a problem, also not his mentality; I said it was his physicality,” said Poyet to Marca Radio.

Furthermore, Poyet doesn’t want to blame coach Zinedine Zidane in this situation because Hazard looks not optimal and prone to an injury.

“One of my principles as a coach is to play a players for minimal, and I am not sure Hazard is not like that. There is always an excuse; he still have 60 percents..”

“This is not Zidane’s fault, the player depends on himself to face big challenge and change the situation,” he said.

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