Harry Kane Bakal Lebih Cocok di MU Ketimbang City, Mengapa?

Harry Kane will be more suitable at MU than City, why?

England striker Harry Kane is advised to choose to join Manchester United rather than Manchester City if there is an offer from the Manchester duo this summer.

As is well known, the future of the 27-year-old striker is still an interesting topic. Harry Kane continues to be linked with a number of European giants, including Manchester United and Manchester City.

Naturally, Harry Kane’s extraordinary talents will be wasted if he stays at Tottenham, where the North London club cannot guarantee a championship trophy.

In short, many people think that Harry Kane needs a better team to complete his career with a trophy.

Many are of the view that Harry Kane is one of Europe’s best strikers at the moment, which is why the idea has also emerged that claims that the best strikers should play for the best teams.

Even Troy Deeney, who is one of the England strikers, also commented on this. According to him, Kane really should consider if there are offers that come in this summer.

Not only that, Deeney also personally said that Kane would be more suitable if he played for Manchester United, rather than Manchester City.

“For me, he is one of the best in his position and is available today. Also now he is starting to make a lot of assists, which will make him more attractive for Man City. Because he proved to be able to connect the game.”

“If he leaves for Man City, will their style of play match his game? Probably not. I think United are still more suited to him, but obviously this will be very expensive.” Deeney told talkSPORT.

Furthermore, Deeney also did not deny the title of one of the best strikers pinned on Kane at this time, but according to him it would be useless if there was no trophy that adorned the player’s career.

“If you were asked to choose the five best Premier League strikers in history, would Kane enter that choice without any trophies?” the lid.

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