Have CR7 and Georgina got married?

Speculation of the truth of the world class star who currently plays for Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo who has been married to Georgina Rodriguez continues to present a big question mark and to date the news is fried very hot.

All of this starts from the code launched by Georgina Rodriguez on her personal Instagram account. If dissecting the love story of the two couples, then Georgina Rodriguez and Ronaldo have been together since 2016.

During their love affair, Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez were blessed with a female child, Alana, who was born in November 2018. In fact, Ronaldo had already opened his voice and the news filtering occurred in December 2018.

“In the future, I don’t know whether (marriage) will happen. However, for now there is nothing in my plan, “said Ronaldo.

In contrast to Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez responded all that with a positive tone, where she really hopes to be the wife of the Portugal national team star. Despite the 11-year gap with Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez remains confident that everything will be fine.

“What if Cristiano Ronaldo asks me to marry him? Not for now, but I want to, “open Georgina Rodriguez.

The news of marriage just appeared, and was recorded in late August 2019. Georgina Rodriguez seemed to bring up signals if she was married to Ronaldo. You can see that the signal is on a social media account, Instagram.

“Waiting for my husband. Saturday night, “Georgina Rodriguez wrote while watching the film ‘Snow White’.

The word of ‘husband’ here clearly invited a big question from the public, but this matter was still waiting for clarity from both parties, and all were still made curious about Georgina Rodriguez‘s signal.

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