Hazard supports Sarri surviving at Chelsea

Maurizio Sarri indeed deserves to be the leading theme for the British media as his position as Chelsea coach is being squeezed. Interestingly here, when the coach’s position was squeezed came a great support from the players, including Eden Hazard who hoped the Italian coach would survive.

Chelsea’s series of bad results on the domestic stage has disappointed fans and management. Sarri was deemed not willing to adjust the atmosphere of the match, but preferred to maintain SarriBall’s tactics.

Emphasis on Sarri began with a Premier League match against Bournemouth at the end of January, in which the Blues collapsed with a humiliating score of 0-4. Had shown a positive reaction successfully defeated Huddersfield a few days later with a landslide score of 5-0. However, fans’ anger peaked after the Blues were made to Manchester City six goals without reply.

Not only that, Sarri also became the main actor in the defeat of Manchester United in the FA Cup, and the failure to embrace the League Cup title after losing on penalties to Manchester City. Of all these results, Sarri’s position is clearly getting stuck.

Interestingly here, when it is inversely proportional to the atmosphere of the dressing room, where the Chelsea players give their support to Sarri. Some time ago, David Luiz along with his colleagues made a sound and continued to support Sarri.

Do not want to miss, Hazard also voiced his attitude of support for Sarri. The player who is often linked with Real Madrid also said the same thing as what was expressed by David Luiz.

“We are with the coach. I know this month is a bit heavy, but we have to unite, stay together, if we want to do something at the end of the season, “Hazard said, poured into an official Chelsea account.

One heavy pressure for Sarri and his men is being able to maintain the top four in the standings at the end of the season. Hazard was relaxed because according to him the hope was still open for Chelsea.

“At present the pressure is coming only from fans who expect us to be in a big position, but we are Chelsea and are able to deal with that pressure. We will win the match, “Hazard said.

“We have the potential to be in the top four, but we don’t need to think about that. We only need to think about the fight after game and try to get all the wins,” he concluded.

In the meantime, Chelsea are still in the top 6 of the Premier League standings and are 3 points adrift of Arsenal who are in position 4. But Chelsea here have 1 advantage remaining the delay game, and yesterday’s victory over Tottenham 2-0 has signaled that Chelsea are ready back in the top 4 position.

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