Hazard wants Real Madrid prioritise Eriksen

Hot air surrounds Real Madrid in determining new players between Paul Pogba or Christian Eriksen. In response to this issue, the new EL Real star, like Eden Hazard spoke up and stated that he already knew of the players who deserved to be at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Hazard is one of the five Real Madrid transfer players in this 2019 summer transfer market. Like the news that already exists, Hazard came to Madrid from Chelsea with a super high dowry value of 100 million Euros.

Referring to the transfer market, as a result Madrid has spent a budget of 300 million Euros. But it looks like coach Zinedine Zidane, is still not satisfied with the current squad and will return to the transfer market, after making a change to his squad by selling several players.

Currently the names of Paul Pogba and Christian Eriksen continue to be the subject of conversation. Fans and management of EL Real are also very busy in determining who is the greatest between the Manchester United star or the Tottenham creative midfielder.

Pogba has actually given a statement interested in moving closer to Madrid in the future. And this gossip is getting hotter when he claims he is ready to leave Old Trafford. The issue is not a heavy material for Eden Hazard.

According to reports, Hazard suggested to the Madrid side that they prefer to bring Eriksen rather than Pogba. This issue is even more justifying as Madrid claimed to have thrown an offer to Tottenham to be able to get Eriksen’s signature.

Investigating, Madrid threw a bid of 70 million Euros, which is far more than Pogba’s purchase price of around 150 million Euros. The latest news says that Eriksen’s agent had a meeting with Madrid.

The agent named Martin Schoots is believed to want to plan ways to be able to hijack Eriksen out of London in this 2019 summer transfer market.

“They want to know more closely about the opportunity to bring Eriksen to Madrid,” said the Marca reporter Jose Felix about meeting Eriksen’s agent with Real Madrid some time ago.

Amid the issue of Madrid’s interest, it turned out that Pogba’s name was also included in the Juventus transfer agenda. The former club player has not poured a dime budget for the time being, so the price that Manchester United has placed for Pogba could be redeemed by the defending champions Serie A eight times in a row.

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