Helping layoff victims, Armand GIGI auction his favorite items

Some musicians and public figures in Indonesia continue to carry out actions to care for others in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently there is a country musician, Armand Maulana willing to auction off his favorite items to help those who are victims of layoffs.

The coronavirus pandemic is indeed not over, it can be said to be getting worse day by day. As the number of positive cases of COVID-19 continues to grow, several local governments have begun to implement extreme policies as a preventive measure.

Residents are prohibited from leaving the house except in a precarious situation, where this policy is known as Lockdown. As a result, business operators are empty of visitors and even finally closed. This makes many people fall victim to layoffs.

Thus it means that there are many people who have to lose their income. This condition then triggered many parties to compete to donate their assets to those who were hit by disaster. Armand Maulana is one of them.

GIGI Band vocalists raise funds through the auction of his favorite items. These include Air Jordan Jackets and Shoes, both of which are rare and very rarely used. After the auction process on Social Media, finally the two items sold were 27 million.

“The jacket that was sold yesterday happened to be a favorite jacket and the purchase was indeed quite expensive. Thank God yesterday sold up to 4 million. “And the Nike Air Jordan shoes which were made especially for me, I have never used except for photos, sold 23 million,” he said.

In his efforts to help others, Armand Maulana is not alone, he moves together with the Sundanese Artists Association or GASS. The results of the auction will later be submitted to those who are victims of layoffs and small economic communities who feel the impact of this situation.

The auction will continue again. Armand Maulana will collaborate with Kevin Sanjaya, the national badminton champion athlete who will auction his jersey and racket through the musician’s Instagram.

To note, the number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia so far has reached more than 2,700 cases, with more than 200 people who have died.

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