Her breasts were touched by unknown person, find out what Soraya Larasati said

Begal Payudara cases are happening in various regions in Indonesia, many women are victims of this crime. One of the beautiful homeland artists, Soraya Larasati.

The artist who often appeared on the FTV series was a victim of Begal Payudara. Suddenly, there was a man with a helmet and a black jacket fingering her breasts. This was told directly by the veiled artist.

The incident took place while she was doing her morning routine in the residential area, where she lived with her husband. Soraya Larasati admitted that she did not need to think about taking a cellphone and taking photographs.

In fact, I was so shocked she didn’t even scream.

“I was shocked, ‘Astaghfirullahaladzim’. I was shocked that I didn’t think of the photo. The condition was running away, my cellphone was in my waist bag. My first reaction was just shock and my husband’s phone. I didn’t shout anything,” Soraya Larasati said.

Actually, at that time Soraya was together. It’s just that the husband is waiting at the Kemayoran Mosque, which is quite far from the incident. As a result, not long after the incident, Soraya then called her spouse.

“When I asked my husband,” where are you? “He has arrived at Kebayoran Mosque. Immediately I told him,‘ there’s someone touched my breasts immediately from a motorcycle,” Soraya explained.

At that time, there was a woman who was selling Jamu at the crime scene. Unfortunately, the woman did not see what happened, she only saw Soraya, because she thought the artist had fallen.

“From there I stopped talking to the Jamu seller lady. I asked, “Have you seen anyone who touches my breasts?” The jamu lady looked at her, because I screamed and she thought I was falling or why. And it happened very fast,”

Ironically, at that time there were a number of motorcyclists and bicycles passing by. Although not as busy as usual, but there is nothing updated that saw the incident.

“The person behind me can only watch. There were motorcycle and bicycle riders. Many people who were doing exercise, it just not as busy as usual,” said Soraya.

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