Her Instagram account has been hacked, Nikita Mirzani’s ready for revenge!

Nikita Mirzani once again made a scene through her post on Instagram, where the ex-wife of Dipo Latief claimed that her account had been hacked. Nikita claimed to have known who was behind the hijacking, and was determined to take revenge.

This was revealed by a 34-year-old woman through her post on Instagram, of course by then her account had been successfully restored. She learned about it after receiving a call from her friends.

The mother of three said she was surprised, she then asked her friend who was an expert in the field to overcome this problem.

“I woke up because many people called. When I pick up the phone to shout all, your Instagram account is goneeeeeeeeee,”

“Then I ask my friend, what time is it gone, how come it is from 23.46 WIB. Yes, I just stay quiet. Because I am also sleepy and have to shoot early in the morning, I only call my good friends, two people asking me to help you reverse my account if I can, “explained Nikita Mirzani again.

After two hours passed, Nikita got the news that her account was back active.

“And they say, you can just sleep. Hey, it’s really 2 o’clock after I returned my account a little. Just 2 hours just for turning my account into a very happy hack, yeah, but the fun is only for a short time, so if you fight me, “said Nikita Mirzani again.

Well, still in the same post, Nikita Mirzani claims to know who the person who has done this action.

She then challenged the person to find a more powerful hacker. Not only that, Nikita also intends to take revenge on that person.

“Try searching for the most sophisticated hacker again, but I already know who the person who was trying to hack my account is very clear. I will make the calculation in my way. I just want to know, right? How do you feel when you know that Instagram is back again? “explained Nikita Mirzani.

Indeed, several other celebrities have also become victims of hacking Instagram accounts such as Nindy and Luna Maya.

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