Here’s Melaney Ricardo’s struggles of building her own Youtube Channel

As a famous celebrity and presenter, it should not be difficult for the figure of Melaney Ricardo to hook a lot of subscribers on Youtube. But apparently not the case, this 39-year-old woman felt a struggle to build her YouTube channel.

Lately, working through Google’s platform is indeed becoming one of the trends in various circles, including the celebrity though. In fact, quite public figures are active on YouTube and use it as one of their passive sources of income.

Melaney Ricardo is one of them, even now he is concerned that he prefers her YouTube channel rather than the offer off air. Because, lately the number of viewers on her Channel is increasing.

“Now again main. Because of this praise the Lord arrived at 1M subscriber, “said Melaney Ricardo.

Along with the development of his Youtube Channel, Melaney also claimed to often hold competitions or giveaway. This was done as a sign of gratitude for the participation of Netizens who made the Channel grow.

“And this is also a form of gratitude for, because I’m like YouTube from the quota of the audience so if there is fortune we share, why not so. From my money, if I have more money, I can share it with them. Anyway, I just want to share their fortune for them, “explained Melaney.

Although including celebrities who should easily grow subscribers, it turns out Melaney also felt a hard struggle to develop the channel. She even remembers the first time her channel didn’t have a single subscriber.

In fact, Melaney claimed to waive income from Youtube, because according to her, developing a channel is similar to caring for someone from infancy to adulthood.

“Okay, so far. But for me, the income is okay, but it’s more like you like growing your baby, from a small age, from the subscribers there isn’t enough to reach 1M, “she answered.

Even so, Melaney claimed not to necessarily leave her job as a celebrity and presenter. It’s just that, right now he is currently enjoying working on Youtube.

“(Work) Both of them. But now because YouTube is more like YouTube, it’s YouTube, “concluded Melaney Ricardo.

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