Here’s the criteria of an ideal partner according to Maria Vania

Bearing the status as a single apparently did not necessarily make Maria Vania feel bored. After breaking up with her Caucasian girlfriend, until now the beautiful presenter has not had an affair anymore.

This was revealed by the 29-year-old woman when she became a guest star on Youtube Channel’s Comedian Sule. In fact, Maria Vania asked Sule to find her a new boyfriend.

“Find for me,” she said in the video.

Interestingly, Sule then asked about the criteria of an ideal partner. After briefly dating a Caucasian man, Maria Vania now wants to have a serious relationship with a local man as long as he is loyal.

“I’m just looking for the local, then the second is he must be loyal, because I just want to be the only one” she said.

It’s not easy to get Maria Vania’s love, because of course as a beautiful model and hunted by many men. However, when she got her love, Maria Vania claimed to be ready to become “Bucin” aka Slave of Love.

“Be faithful. If I love you very much, I will make up, I will give my 110 percent to you. What do you want? I will do, “she said.

Maria Vania is a beautiful model, but it turns out that a handsome man is not the presenter’s criteria. Maria Vania claimed to be bored with handsome men, she was more pleased with men who were attractive, humorous and not boring.

“I prefer attractive men rather than handsome. The handsome one is bored, “she said.

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