Herrera admits had no intention to leave Manchester United

Former Athletic Bilbao player Ander Herrera admitted that he actually had no intention of leaving Old Trafford last summer.

For information, Ander Herrera joined Manchester United in the 2014 summer transfer window, after being bailed out from Athletic Bilbao. He is among the players who are often relied upon in the midfield of the club, although coaches come and go.

In the 2018/19 season yesterday, Herrera is still reliable, but the contract will expire soon in the summer. The club has launched a new contract, but the Spanish midfielder refused the offer.

He finally joined Paris Saint-Germain when his contract with Manchester United ended last summer.

After several months passed, then Herrera admitted that in fact he did not plan to leave Old Trafford. It’s just that there are differences of opinion with the management of the Red Devils, and he respects these differences.

“When I looked back a year ago, my intention was not to leave Manchester United. I have a number of different opinions with management, but I respect it. I really respect him, “Herrera told ESPN.

Herrera claimed not to agree with some of the club’s management decisions, but considered it a natural thing.

“I don’t agree with some of the decisions they make, but this happens in football. It happens in every company, “he said.

In fact, Herrera claimed to have great respect for the figure who sat in the ranks of Manchester United’s management. He also had a good relationship with the Club’s CEO, Ed Woodward.

“Apart from that, I respect them. I have a good relationship with Ed Woodward and with the owner when they come, so I don’t need to complain about them, “he said,

Herrera was asked by the new manager Ole Gunnar Solksjaer to stay at Old Trafford. Unfortunately, the manager’s approach was late because he had reached an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain.

“At that time, I made the decision to play in Paris,” said the former Real Zaragoza player.

This season, the Spanish midfielder played for Paris Saint-Germain and he recently celebrated his first Ligue 1 title after the competition was officially terminated due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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