Higuain will stay at Juve until end contract

Argentine national team striker Gonzalo Higuain is rumored to be looking for a new club in the transfer market next summer. However, the gossip is certainly not true. His own father, Jorge Higuain, said that the player would remain in Turin until the contract expires.

In the 2018/19 campaign yesterday, Higuain himself played for two different teams, AC Milan and Chelsea on loan. He just returned to Juventus in the transfer market last summer.

Initially, the former Real Madrid was predicted to only become the bench heater warmers. But instead, Higuain returned to Turin and became the mainstay of the new coach Maurizio Sarri along with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even so, El Pipita is rumored to be still planning to leave this summer. The reason is because of age and there is no guarantee that he will be a mainstay again next season. He has even been linked to his former club, River Plate.

However, the father ensured that all the issues that were heard later about his child’s future were not true at all.

“All the news circulating about Gonzalo is not true,” Jorge Higuain told LM Nequen.

In fact, the former Chelsea player will remain at Juventus until the contract is completely over.

“I can say one thing to you: Gonzalo will stay at Juventus. He still has a contract for a year and a half there and he respects the contract. ”

“He will spend the rest of the contract. In the next 18 months, he will decide his future because he is in control of his destiny,” he said.

Higuain feels happy and comfortable at Juventus, he is loved by the Bianconneri fans, so there is no reason for him to leave this summer.

“I can guarantee that in Gonzalo’s head at the moment there is no desire to leave Juventus. He is very loved by fans, and he loves the Bianconeri. He loves the uniform he wears and he loves the fans,” he said.

Just like other Juventus players, Higuain is currently in Argentina to undergo an independent quarantine and accompany his sick mother.

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