His rape case closed, Neymar smiles!

Neymar in the 2019 season seems really tough in determining the future of his career as a green field star. Transfer news that continues to grow without certainty, certainly gives Neymar a God-level of headache.

Interestingly here, when all the views are directed towards the end of the story of the Neymar transfer market this season, it turns out there is one news that is hotter than it already is. Through a statement from the Brazilian police finally stopped the investigation into the alleged rape case against Neymar.

This official police statement is based on a lack of evidence from the reporter. All the processes that have been analyzed will be sent immediately to the prosecutor who is delivered directly by the Brazilian Attorney General. All processes will end in the hands of the panel of judges and will then make a final decision regarding the recommendations of the prosecutor regarding the termination of the investigation into the alleged rape case involving the name Neymar.

Still a big question here when the party from the legal counsel of Neymar has not provided the correct information regarding the development of the client’s case. The case of this heat came out clearly disputed by Neymar himself who claimed not to rape the Brazilian model, Najila Trindade at a hotel in Paris in May 2019.

The rape case also received many responses from all over the world because the news was fried so corner Neymar. It is bad here when the claim states that the case that is befalling Neymar could disrupt the preparation of the Brazilian national team ahead of the 2019 Copa America.

The public may feel furious when they see a short duration video that spreads out to netizen. It was stated that the video contained Neymar’s feud with Najila in the hotel room. But unfortunately here when the video was made one proof turned out to be not of a high level that could drag Neymar into law.

It can be interpreted here that the video recording is not enough to be justified as proof because it is not included in the Brazilian police standards that want the evidence to be valid. Najila’s reporting action immediately made Neymar panic and tried to clarify all the allegations.

It is known that Neymar’s way of confronting all the accusations is by uploading a seven-minute clarification video which dismissed all accusations of rape to Najila, who is known to have the ‘sexiest body shape’ in the world.

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