His Youtube content been stolen again, Deddy Corbuzier angry

Deddy Corbuzier was angry by the emergence of irresponsible individuals who plucked videos on his Youtube Channel. This time, the magician poured out his frustration through social media.

This is not the first time for Azka Corbuzier’s father to deal with content thieves. Some time ago, Deddy indeed had openly revealed the identity of the person who had taken his video.

The person initially invited Deddy to work together, but the 43-year-old man refused. Instead of receiving it, the person actually stole several videos from Deddy’s Youtube Channel and re-uploaded them.

Not long after, this famous presenter returned to deal with a similar person. He also openly mentioned the identity of the company that took up the video.

“Recently my video has circulated on FINGO INDONESIA channel. Just for clarification … I AM NOT CONNECTED AT ALL WITH RELATED PARTIES. ”

“This is just theft of content for their promos … Just as usual … And NO I don’t use FINGO. And don’t use KINEMASTER, “Deddy wrote in his upload, Thursday (4/30/2020).

Although he did not mention which videos were followed by the Person, Deddy looked very furious. Understandably, he has also spent a lot of money to make these videos, ranging from cameras, paying crews, to inviting guest stars.

Moreover, in his popular video podcast lately, Deddy always invites many people from artists, singers, to big figures in the country. Meanwhile, irresponsible people use it for personal gain.

Some Netizens who were followers of Deddy Corbuzier on Social media then commented on the post. Most of them asked the magician to report the person.

“Just report Om Ded, many people are looking for profit from the efforts of others,” said @rahmad **** in the comments column.

“Just report that account,” wrote @sintiaca ****.

In recent years, Deddy Corbuzier has been very active on Youtube. He usually picks a theme that is phenomenal or viral in society. Until this news was revealed, the YouTube channel has more than 8.6 million subscribers.

In fact, Deddy also earned the nickname ‘Mr Youtuber Indonesia’.

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