HIV cases in Kudus are increasing, 4 of them are homosexual teens

HIV/AIDS is a disease that is very deadly and until now the right drug has not been found. AIDS itself is a type of virus that attacks metabolism and is usually caused by sexual activity.

In Indonesia, the number of HIV/AIDS cases is quite a lot, even more than 500 cases. In Kota Kudus, recently the Regional AIDS Commission (KPAD) revealed that there was an increase in HIV/AIDS cases.

In fact, out of a total of 121 new cases, there are 4 male adolescents who are still students. Ironically, some of them are actually infected by same-sex sex, aka Homo Sexual.

“There are four adolescents, all men and male sex risk factors. Now this means that they are at their productive age at their active learning age, positive activity turns out that they have been exposed to HIV,” said the HIV-AIDS Manager at the Regional AIDS Commission (KPAD). ) Kudus Regency, Eni Mardiyant.

In more detail, Eni explained that these 121 new Aids cases were found during January to November 2020, 4 teenagers, which he meant were aged between 14 and 19 years.

“The findings in Kudus were 121 people. From January to November. There were 4 teenagers aged 14 years to 19 years,” said Eni.

What was even more astonishing was that Eni was surprised when he heard the homosexual adolescent’s confession that there was a facility in the form of an application that educated male sex relations and even met other “candidates”.

“I dig, how come you can. How come there is an application. It turns out that there is an application. There is sex education among men. Freedom of access has a negative side there,” he said.

Meanwhile, of the 121 people who have contracted this virus, there are 20 people who have died. According to Eni, most of these cases started from sexual intercourse without wearing a condom.

“This year (2020) there are 121 cases with 21 deaths. There are 100 alive. Among the findings of pregnant women there are 8 people, one died. In addition, most of the risky sexual relationships such as not using condoms,” said Eni.

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