Honda ensures Marc Marquez is fit and ready to get off in Jerez

Having been threatened with absence due to a humerus fracture injury last week, Marc Marquez is now in a fit condition. In fact, the Repsol Honda Team ensured their top-notch riders were ready to get off at the Jerez Circuit next weekend.

As is known, the MotoGP First Series this season at the Jerez Circuit last week was a nightmare for the eight-time world champion. How come? The person suffered a severe accident on the 4th bend on lap 22 and failed to finish.

Not only failed to finish, Marc Marquez also suffered a fatal injury where his humerus bone was broken so he had to go up to the operating table. According to public predictions, the Spanish rider might only be able to return to the third series in the Czech Republic next month.

But, this past day was widely discussed that Marc will continue to fall on the Jerez series next weekend. In fact, the doctor suggested he rest and wait until the third series, namely in Brno, Czech, August 7-9 so that his condition was completely recovered.

It was shocking to hear an official statement from MotoGP announcing that Marc Marquez along with several other injured riders were now in a fit condition. They were declared fit after undergoing medical tests at the Jerez Circuit Medical Center.

This news was also confirmed by the Repsol Honda Team through their official Twitter account.

“After a successful operation on Tuesday, @Marcarquez93 was on its way back to Jerez,” wrote the Repsol Honda Twitter account (@HRC_MotoGP).

In the first series at Jerez yesterday, Marc Marquez had lost the 3rd position because he left the track. But he managed to get back on track and was in 16th position. The world champion then overtook a number of other riders to take 3rd place.

But, when fighting for the 2nd position with Maverick Vinales, he experienced highside and fell hard in the gravel area. His right arm seemed to be hit hard by motorcycle tires.

Two days later, Marc Marquez underwent surgery in Barcelona. Thankfully, the operation went well and the radial nerve was declared to be undamaged, so the rider could recover faster than expected.

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