Horror! Liverpool legend became a wrong target’s victim

One horror incident just happened, where the victim of the wrong target was pinned to Liverpool legend, Gary McAllister. According to reports, McAllister received many strikes from unknown people in Leeds, England.

The moment of horror had to end in the hospital leaving 10 stitches on McAllister’s face. Right on Sunday, March 24, 2019 yesterday, McAllister was in a bar. But it was unknown why an unknown person came to McAllister.

Not running long and without further ado, the mysterious man immediately dropped McAllister’s KO. The 54-year-old man who now serves as an assistant to the Scottish club, the Glasgow Rangers were immediately rushed to the hospital.

As a result of the scan, McAllister’s face was badly injured and barely shaped because the man’s impact was very hard. This action immediately made the local police namely West Yorkshire conduct an investigation related to the attack case.

“We are investigating the attack that took place on Call Lane in downtown Leeds around 4am yesterday. The prefix is coming in a man in his fifties, standing outside a bar when a man approaches him and punches him in the face, causing an injury that requires treatment at the hospital. ”

“We plan to conduct interviews with victims to take fuller details of the incident and will continue the investigation to identify responsible people,” said an official statement from the police.

McAllister is a Scottish citizen known as a good man and without a trace of crime. Born in the city of Motherwell in 1981, McAllister only got the chance to get to know football with Leicester City in 1985.

Not long, he immediately decided to move to Leeds United and Coventry City, before finally accepting a proposal from Liverpool in 2000. Speaking of McAllister’s success, the most memorable club was Liverpool. In his two-year career, McAllister was able to present five championship trophies, and one of them was the 2001 UEFA Cup trophy for Liverpool.

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