How Hong Kong and South Korea fight Coronavirus without lockdown?

There is no vaccine for Coronavirus yet, so the best way to reduce the spread of this virus is to follow the advice of medical personnel. One of them is lockdown, or negate activities outside the home.

Of course, on the one hand this appeal can indeed suppress the spread of the virus, but on the other hand it can paralyze the people’s economy. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are some countries that are reluctant to apply the Lockdown policy, including South Korea and Hong Kong.

Although there are no such rules, both countries have succeeded in suppressing the spread of this virus.

Based on worldometers’ reports, up to now Hong Kong has recorded 1,034 accumulative cases with four deaths after previously announcing the Corona case on January 23.

That is, during the last six weeks no positive cases of COVID-19 were discovered by Hong Kong.

Testimony from the restaurant owner there, named Wing Fou Yat, people in Hong Kong live their lives as usual. However, they still use masks and enforce social distancing.

“The lives of people here have returned to normal, unless they continue to wear masks,” said one restaurant owner, Wing Fau Yat.

In addition, the government also strictly conducts surveillance of foreigners who come to their countries. While on the one hand, they also do fast tracing of anyone who has ever been in contact with Corona Virus patients.

Even though lockdown rules are not enforced at all, some new vacation spots and housing are used as quarantine facilities, and carry out hundreds of tests every day starting in early March.

Similar steps were also taken by South Korea, except that they tested up to 15,000 people per day, and more than 300 thousand tests were conducted free of charge. As a result, to date only 8 new cases have been found.

Residents there are also very cooperative in following the rules or appeals from the government.

“Unlike other countries, South Korea does not impose lockdowns. People are free to walk around and even eat in restaurants, although with some seating restrictions, “Kim Ki-hyun was quoted as saying by the South China Morning Post.

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