How to make Crispy Chicken Nachos

Nowadays, so many processed chicken menus are spread on social media. Naturally, chicken is one of the basic ingredients of processed dishes that are loved by many people, because very few people are allergic to chicken meat. In addition, the texture is also right in the mouth, and of course in the category of halal food.

As we said, Chicken is the basic ingredient of various types of processed foods, including one, Chicken Nachos. What is Chicken Nachos? Similar to crispy fried chicken, it’s just that this one processed food is coated by bruised Nachos, thus leaving a savory and very crispy when consumed.

On the internet, there are lots of recipes or ways to make chicken nachos, but this time we will give you a different recipe for chicken nachos, resulting in a crisper and more savory and long-lasting chicken nachos. Here is the recipe.

2 eggs
200 gr Doritos
Cooking oil
1 chicken breast
125 grams of flour
1 tablespoon spicy peppers
1 tablespoon onion powder

1. Put Doritos into the blender. Blend until it becomes crumbs.
2. Cut the chicken thinly and season with salt.
3. In a bowl, mix flour, chili pepper and onion powder.
4. Beat the eggs in another bowl and set aside.
5. Cover the chicken with flour, beaten eggs and nachos chips.
6. Fry in hot oil until golden and crispy.
7. Put the chicken on kitchen paper so that the excess oil is absorbed, leaving no residual oil, so the chicken can be more crispy and long-lasting crispy.
8. Serve with chili or tomato sauce.

As a suggestion, so that chicken nachos can be consumed the next few days, it should be stored in the refrigerator, precisely in the freezer. When will consume it again, we can fry the chicken and drain it as usual. It’s just that the frying process is not too long.

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