How to make Latte Art without a machine

Coffee is one of the “Zaman Now” trends, especially if the coffee is served and blended in such a way that it is easy to see, shoot and then upload to social media. Latte Art is one of the coffee variants that lately has been widely discussed by Netizens.

Latte art is the art of decorating on a cup of espresso with the basic ingredients of cappuccino or cafe latte. If you glance at history, this Latte Art has been around a long time ago, but indeed due to the power of social media, Latte Art has only been known by many Indonesian netizens lately. Making your own Latte Art looks difficult indeed, at least you must have an espresso machine at home.

However, making Latte Art is also possible without using a machine. Can you try it at home, interested? Below are the easy steps.

1. Prepare the ingredients

Before starting to make Latte Art, we should prepare several tools and materials needed such as aerolatte milk frother, minipresso, stainless steel thermos and microwave. If the tools and materials are ready, let’s continue to the next step.

2. Create your own Espresso

Making your own espresso without using a machine turned out to be very doable at home. One of them is handpresso, minipresso, presso skirt or aeropress. Each tool has a different operation. Now, from the coffee powder that we have prepared before, if brewed with one of these tools, it will produce espresso.

3. Heat the milk

Hot milk or Steamed Foam is needed in making Latte Art. This milk foam is the main ingredient in making cappuccino or cafe latte. Pour the milk into a stainless steel flask and cover tightly. Then shake the flask quickly for one minute, until the milk gives out foam. Pour the milk in a cup and heat it in the microwave for up to 30 seconds, then the milk that will turn into foam.

4. Mix your Espresso and Milk

Pour the Espresso into the cup that has been prepared in advance. Then, put warm milk foam into it and don’t overfill. Roll out the foam with a spoon in the middle of the coffee cup.

If so, please form your latte art using a toothpick, sprinkle chocolate powder, if it is necessary to beautify the results.

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