Howard Webb admits his wrong decision ever benefited Manchester United

Howard Webb is a former referee of the English Premier League. In the past, his figure was known to be quite controversial because it was considered often benefited Manchester United.

The referee as a court judge on the field is indeed required to be fair in making decisions. However, there are indeed a number of referees who appear to be sometimes biased towards one of the teams.

However, this is considered normal, considering that referees are ordinary people who can make wrong decisions. Likewise with Howard Webb, he is one of the former Premier League referees who has certainly never made the wrong decision.

The public did not dispute this, but the problem was that Howard Webb often made the wrong decision and favored Manchester United. No wonder if his figure is known as a referee who is too biased in the Manchester city club.

This accusation was clearly denied by the 48-year-old man, but he could not deny taking the wrong decision and benefiting Manchester United in a match.

Precisely in the 2008/09 season campaign, when Manchester United faced Tottenham Hotspur. Red Devils as the host 0-2 behind Spurs in the first round. In the second half they successfully got up, and scored 5 replies and then won.

The turning point of Sir Alex Ferguson’s revival at that time could be said to have started from a penalty executed by Cristiano Ronado. It was referee Howard Webb who pointed to the penalty spot at the time, and recently he claimed to have made the wrong decision.

“The thing that is remembered the most when I made the wrong decision. I saw Carrick and then the goalkeeper tackle him. It really is an easy penalty gift. ”

“At that time I waited for the suing expression that is usually seen from the faces of the players, not the look of surprise and distrust from Gomes. Within seconds, I realized I had made a wrong decision, “Howard Webb was quoted as saying by Sportbible.

Cristiano Ronaldo managed to take advantage of the ‘prize’ given by Howard Webb at the time. After that, Manchester United scored another 4 goals to reverse the position to 5-2 at the end of the match.

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