Hudson-Odoi became a racist victim by Montenegro’s fans

2019 is a year that is expected to be positive, but the football public must return to feel negative things. This latest, moment of racist return occurred and the victims were England National Team players. This incident was seen when England against Montenegro in the Euro 2020 qualifying event.

Playing at home to Montenegro, England were under pressure from the host’s supporters by imitating the sound of a monkey. It cannot be avoided if the contents of the Pod Goricom Stadium are busy voicing the animal. As for the course of the game was very ‘hot’, where England had left behind by the hosts in the 17th minute.

But Montenegro’s advantage did not last long, where England were able to rise and reverse the score with a final score of 1-5. Apart from these positive results, the United Kingdom should feel sad because they didn’t received a good response from the host public.

Evidently some of the host responses claimed to be insinuating many black British players. This action clearly hurt the players including football lovers from all over the world. One player who became the target of racism was Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Hudson-Odoi, 18, claimed to hear clearly shouted by the home fans, who were similar to the sounds of monkeys. Playing as a winger, then it can be verified because it is close to the stands. Furthermore, he could only surrender and claimed to be very disappointed that this kind of thing was still there.

“My mind does not lead to the action of racism anywhere. We are all the same, we have to play a fair match and enjoy it. But, when you hear that voice from a supporter, then it’s not true. Obviously unacceptable, “said Hudson-Odoi.

This kind of bad experienced, Hudson-Odoi was not the first. Other English players like Raheem Sterling and Danny Rose also fell victim to the insult.

This action is reminiscent of the slogan of racism in football that has often been reminded. Therefore, Callum Hudson-Odoi hopes that UEFA will act decisively on what happened to him. Hudson-Odoi hopes that a similar incident will not happen again in other matches.

“I hope UEFA acts and gives a strict sentence, because when I went there, Rose and I heard them shouting” ooh-ah “, imitating a monkey. Our minds must stay awake, keep the mentality to stay strong, “Hudson-Odoi continued.

“Hopefully Rose is also in good condition. We will talk and discuss this, but he is a strong player. Hopefully UEFA will immediately resolve this situation, “concluded by the young Chelsea player.

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