Ibra is AC Milan’s top transfer priority

The club legend who now works as AC Milan’s technical director, Paolo Maldini, spoke up about his club’s plans in the summer transfer market. One of these plans is to retain the Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Actually, Ibrahimovic is no longer an AC Milan player, along with his contract which ended when the 2019/20 Serie A competition officially ended in early August.

It’s just that, in the initial agreement there was a clause that allowed Milan to extend his contract period for one season. It is believed, the Rossoneri camp is trying to activate this clause.

Naturally, Ibra is showing a good performance at the age of 38. Since joining in January, the former Paris Saint-Germain star has produced a total of 11 goals from 20 appearances in all competitions.

Maldini also admitted that the club will fight hard to keep Ibrahimovic and rely on him again next season. In fact, the former Barcelona player will be his team’s top priority in the transfer market this summer.

“We are working hard to reach an agreement. In 20 days we will start the season, we know there is very little time to prepare ourselves and our plan is to complete Ibra’s contract as soon as possible.”

“It is natural to have a plan B, even C and D, but we have priorities and Ibrahimovic is our priority,” he said.

Furthermore, Maldini also emphasized that his party would be very careful in planning to buy players. Not without reason, the legend does not want the same mistakes to be repeated.

“Last season we laid the groundwork for Milan and nine players came between winter and summer,” he added.

“But this year there will be targeted operations, we don’t want to deceive fans and we don’t have the opportunity to make the same purchases as in the past,” concluded the 52-year-old man.

Indeed, in recent years the club has made such a pointless purchase. Call it Leonardo Bonucci, the player who finally returned to Juventus after only one season defending the Rossoneri banner.

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