Icardi’s sister claims ‘in trouble’ with Wanda Nara

The personal life story of Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi has rarely been exposed, but recently his younger sister, Ivana Icardi claimed to have been in trouble with his brother’s wife, Wanda Nara.

For information, Mauro Icardi has married a beautiful and sexy model named Wanda Nara, ex-wife of his best friend, Maxi Lopez. The relationship between the two seemed cool and calm all this time, even blessed with a child.

Not only that, Icardi also trusted his wife to serve as a transfer agent dealing with matters of agreement with the club, whether a contract or a possible transfer.

Yes, Icardi’s relationship with Wanda might be fine, but not with his sister Ivana Icardi. In a vent session at the Survivors 2020 event, where he was one of the contestants. Ivana claimed her relationship with Wanda Nara was in trouble.

What makes Ivana feel sad is that the problem has also made her relationship with the brother tenuous lately.

“I don’t know what really happened to my brother and our family. So far I have always blamed his wife, even many times,”

“My sister is a good person and she knows that I really miss her. I really want everything to go back to the way it was before, but this is like it is beyond my control, “Ivana Icardi said, as reported by Marca’s website.

Ivana claimed to love Icardi too much, so that it was considered Wanda Nara to be too excessive for the love of her siblings. He too won while telling this and hope everything can return to normal.

“I’ve thought about this many times, I always have the ego to win myself. I keep making a fuss with him (Wanda) and it’s because of my love for Mauro, “he said again.

Ivana admitted her mistake and intends to apologize so that her relationship with her brother can be back again as before.

Neither Wanda Nara nor Mauro Icardi have. What is clear, the player is currently being a conversation, he is associated with a number of European giants such as Juventus and Arsenal. The career of the Argentine star at Inter Milan is considered to have ended since last summer.

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