Icardi’s wife’s car bombarded with stones by Inter fans

Wanda Nara was one of the targets of anger at Inter Milan fans because it was considered to be the culprit in the failure of his team to get positive results in recent weeks. As a result, the car driven by Wanda was bombarded with lots of stones.

This horrific moment occurred when Wanda and her daughter were walking towards the highway near San Siro, on Saturday. Luckily for Mauro Icardi‘s family because there were no casualties, but the attitude of the Inter Fans could have eliminated the safety of Wanda and her children.

Investigated, Inter fans were willing to do this because they were disappointed with Icardi in recent days. In the heat of the situation, Icardi’s position as team captain was released and replaced by Samir Handanovic.

The most striking thing that gave rise to this hot reaction was the lack of fan satisfaction when they found Icardi difficult to extend his contract. It was getting hotter when Icardi refused to join Inter Milan on his trip to Rapid Vianna’s home following the Europa League.

Referring to this case, Icardi was not the first to get this. It had also happened before in his involvement with a number of Inter fans, where Icardi had issued a threat to them in an autobiography entitled Semper Avanti.

“One by one I am ready to face them. Maybe they don’t know that I grew up in one of the Buenos Aires regions with the highest crime rate, “Icardi wrote.

Wanda Nara was also not free from the threat, Icardi’s wife was considered to be the main mastermind of Icardi making it difficult to submit his contract with Inter. Status as an Icardi’s agent, Wanda Nara often makes controversial statements in the media which are known as mere sensations in order to increase his prestige as a model.

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