If could be more patient, Barca can succeed with Setien

One former Barcelona player, Luis Garcia suggested his former club to be more patient with Quique Setien. According to him, the former Real Betis coach can bring success to the Catalan Giants if they continue to gain trust.

As is known, Barcelona appointed Quique Setien to occupy the manager’s seat since the beginning of this year. He is believed to be a successor to Ernesto Valverde who was fired by El Blaugrana management a few days earlier.

But, after about six months undergoing the job, the 61-year-old coach has received a lot of criticism. None other than the performance of Barcelona under his direction is considered less attractive, plus the club found a series of bad results.

Luis Garcia himself thinks that what Barcelona actually shows is normal, considering that Quique Setien only joined in the middle of the season. In addition, the public must also remember the fact that Setien and Valverde have different philosophies.

“Indeed Barcelona are currently not playing well. Barcelona is adapting to Quique Setien, because in the Valverde era Barcelona played football which relied on possession of the ball with a fast transition.”

“While Setien is more holding the ball, trying to make the opposing team tired.” Garcia said in a La Liga virtual press conference recently.

He understood that the public wanted to see Barcelona again in a tiki-taka style in the Era of Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique. However, what must be realized is the fact that currently there are not a number of players supporting such philosophies such as Xavi and Iniesta.

“We all want to see Barcelona play beautiful football, where we are used to seeing Barcelona play beautifully in the past like Tiki-Taka, but that time is long gone. At that time there were many special players on this team, like Xavi and Iniesta.

Therefore, Luis Garcia advised Barcelona to be more patient and be able to adapt to Quique Setien.

“Now the most important thing for them is to adapt to a new coach without losing their philosophy. They can prepare well in pre-season to win the league next season,” he said.

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