If English Premier League is abolished, Liverpool deserve to be the champion

Despite firmly banning the halt of European league competitions, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin continued to support Liverpool to become Premier League champions if the competition was indeed stopped.

The Corona Virus pandemic has suspended Europe’s top leagues, including the English Premier League. In the original plan, the competition will be held again at the beginning of April, but the conditions and situation have not improved.

In this regard, the postponement period was extended until the end of April 2020. However, a recent meeting conducted by the Authority led to the decision that the league was postponed until an unspecified time limit.

With this condition, it is not impossible if in the end the Premier League this season will be completely stopped. What’s more, the spread of the COVID-19 Virus is also increasing rapidly from day to day.

Before the competition was postponed, the Premier League had run 29 matches, meaning that there were only 9 matches left to complete this season. Liverpool are on the throne of the standings, they are 25 points ahead of nearest rivals, Manchester City.

These advantages make Jurgen Klopp’s troops only need two more wins to seal the title. However, if in the end the Premier League this season is stopped, does Liverpool deserve to win the championship?

Many disagree with the idea, the article is not only the fate of Liverpool, but also other teams, especially those who are trying to avoid the Degradation Zone.

However, for Aleksander Ceferin as the President of UEFA, Liverpool’s struggle seemed far from the other teams. They only have two more wins to win, if the competition is rolled out again, Ceferin believes 100 percent Liverpool will win the two matches and become champions.

“I can’t see how we can leave Liverpool without a title. If they come back to play, they will almost certainly win the Premier League. If we don’t continue the game, it’s recommended to announce the winners of each league,” he told Ekipa.

Other competitions are also being suspended, including the Italian Serie A. Ceferin believes the competition will continue and end as it should.

“Serie A will be finished. I am optimistic and confident even if, at present, I cannot guarantee or guarantee anything, “he said.

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