If he did what Mourinho say, Klopp would be sanctioned 25-match ban

The Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp committed a foul when accompanying his side to play Everton in the Premier League final last weekend. Most likely, because of his behavior, this person will receive sanctions not to accompany Liverpool in a number of matches. According to Arsenal legend, Paul Merson, if only Jose Mourinho had committed the offense, he would be sanctioned in 25 matches.

As is known, Liverpool are dealing with their city rivals, Everton in the 14th Premier League matchdays continued last weekend. The Marseyside derby party took place fiercely, until Liverpool finally won playing as the home team through Divock Origi’s only goal in the final minutes of the match.

Klopp, who may feel emotional because of the dramatic winning goal, entered the field to celebrate goals along with his players. Of course, the action was not allowed by the English Football Federation. Although Klopp himself has actually apologized, but the sanctions continue to apply, and usually the sanction is will be banned to accompanying his team to compete. According to a number of parties, Klopp will be banned from accompanying Liverpool in the next three matches.

That is the standard sanction for violations committed by the German coach, but according to Arsenal legend, Paul Merson, if only Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho had committed the violation, then the sanctions that would be obtained would be even more severe. In fact, according to him, Mourinho can get suspension sanctions in 25 matches.

“It will be a 25 match penalty [if Mourinho does] – I think so. If it was Jose, he would immediately be sent to the stands as soon as he walked towards the engineering area. Jose was expelled yesterday at Southampton headquarters just because he left the engineering area. ”

“Everyone loves Jurgen Klopp, regardless of Manchester United fans. [This is one of the cases] do not repeat again – fortunately no one is hurt and Marco Silva does not mind that,” said Merson on the debate program on Sky Sports.

This victory is certainly very important for Liverpool, because with three points achieved they can stay in second place in the standings.

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