If his appeal rejected, De Bruyne ready to leave City

Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is actually happy with the situation at Manchester City. However, the sanctions imposed by UEFA on the Premier League giants could change his decision.

The Premier League defending champion has indeed been proven to violate the rules of the Financial Fair Play (FFP). As a result, UEFA immediately imposed severe penalties through sanctions in the form of a ban on appearing on the European stage for the next two seasons in a row.

In other words, Manchester City will not qualify for the European Champions League next season even though they finished second in the Premier League final standings this season. Even if they are Champions League champions.

Not accepting the sanctions, Manchester City then appealed to the Sports Institute, CAS. Although it can be granted, it is likely that only relief is obtained. It might take the form of removing fines or reducing sanctions to just one season.

Therefore, this situation has begun to arouse speculation among the media regarding the future of the Citizen star players. They are claimed to start considering leaving option next summer.

De Bruyne is one of them, where the Belgian midfielder has been rumored to be leaving the upcoming transfer market.

In his statement, Ex Chelsea claimed to be waiting for the results of the appeal. If rejected, he might leave Etihad Stadium.

“The club has told us that they will appeal and believe almost 100 percent if they are right. That’s why I wait and see what will happen, ”

“I believe in the team. As soon as the statement is made, I will review everything. Two years feels very long. If it’s only a year I might think again, “he told HLN.

Before this, there was a claim that De Bruyne would survive at Manchester City if Pep survived. But, the player denies, his future does not necessarily depend on the Spanish manager.

“I think Pep said that he would undergo the final year [of his contract], no matter what happened. But I will not let my decision depend on what Pep does, “he added.

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