If La Liga is stopped, Barcelona cannot win the championship trophy

Spanish La Liga has indeed been officially suspended for a while, but did not rule out the possibility of this season being stopped completely. If so, Barcelona is considered not worthy of lifting the championship trophy.

The Coronavirus outbreak has now reached Spain. More than 3 thousand cases were found in the State of Matador with more than 400 of them killed.

No wonder the government then urges its people to isolate themselves in their respective homes to prevent the spread of this virus. Including Football, the relevant authorities finally stopped the football performance in the State of Matador.

No exception to the Spanish La Liga, which is the highest caste soccer competition in Spain. Based on the agreement, the competition will be postponed or closed until early April 2020.

Considering the situation has never subsided and a vaccine has not been found to control the spread of the Virus, a concern arises if the 2019-2020 La Liga season will not be able to continue. Moreover, positive victims and deaths also continue to grow.

In fact, La Liga this season only 11 matches left. Barcelona are now top of the standings after playing 27 matches. On the throne of the standings, the defending champion gained 58 points, or two ahead of his eternal rival, Real Madrid in second position.

So, if in the end the Spanish La Liga campaign in 2019/20 is really stopped, is Barcelona entitled to win the title? Luis Rubailes, as President of La Liga spoke up.

According to him, it’s not fair to give the results of the current standings.

“The 19-20 season must end with the same rules and not change, even though the situation is extraordinary. I cannot guarantee that the competition will end, as others have said, risky, before 30 June. It’s not fair if the competition ends with the standings as they are now, “Rubailes said as reported by Triball Football.

Indeed, the article is not only the title being taken into consideration, but also the team that was relegated. Those at the bottom of the standings are automatically deported, even though there is still time to improve their position in the standings.

What is clear, for now La Liga is still temporarily stopped until early April 2020.

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