If Messi retires, Vieri would stop watching football

Italian and Juventus legend Christian Vieri gave high praise to Argentine superstar Lionel Messi regarding the player’s performance in the match against Juventus this morning WIB.

The Super Big Match duel between Juventus and Barcelona which took place in the morning WIB (29/10) did end in the victory for the visitors.

The Catalan giants won 2-0, one of the goals was scored by the captain and the club’s main star, Lionel Messi.

Not only scoring goals, Messi also contributed assists for goals scored by Ousmane Dembele. Overall, the player nicknamed La Pulga appeared brilliantly from the first minute.

The contortion of his movements really troublesome the Juventus defense which is dominated by experienced defenders like Chiellini and Bonucci.

No wonder Messi received special praise from Italian legend Christian Vieri.

He considers Messi like a wizard Harry potter in football. In fact, if Messi later retires from the gridiron, Vieri intends to stop watching football matches because no one is as entertaining as the Argentine star.

“Messi is a wizard, Harry Potter in the world of football and when he stops playing, I will throw away my tv. I will not work on TV anymore, I will just watch series, that’s all.”

“Because when he quit, there was nothing more to watch,” Vieri told CBS Sports.

Actually, Barcelona itself is not in its best form when it comes to visiting Juventus headquarters. The Catalan giants were beaten at home to Real Madrid with a score of 1-3.

Regarding this fact, Vieri also admitted that he could not stop thinking, but if he played like against Juventus yesterday, he is not sure there is a team that can beat Barcelona.

“I don’t know why they lost against Real Madrid, but if you look at them you will say that they will not lose to anyone this year,” he added.

“It’s impossible to lose the way they play. Every match is different, but the Barcelona that I and others saw was incredible. When you have a No.10 like that, it feels crazy,” he concluded.

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