If this figure becomes Barca president, Neymar will not return to Camp Nou

Currently, there are three candidates for the New President of Barcelona who will compete, including Victor Font. Now, if this figure is elected as the New President, there will be no discourse on returning Neymar to Camp Nou.

Previously, rumors of Neymar’s return to Barcelona were often heard when Josep Maria Bartomeu was still in office. However, the plan could not be realized due to the high tag of the Brazilian star paired by Paris Saint-Germain.

So, the interesting thing about the candidates for the New President will make the discourse on Neymar’s return as a lure so that they are elected as the new club head. However, not so with Victor Font.

This one candidate tends to be realistic, he does not want to give sweet promises that are beyond reason. Moreover, previously Font also said that Barcelona’s financial condition was not healthy.

This is indeed true, considering that recently the club has agreed to cut the salaries of its players, including the captain, Lionel Messi.

On the latest occasion, Font then talked about the saga of Neymar’s transfer to Camp Nou. The person concerned then emphasized that he would not continue the plan if he was elected as the new president of Barcelona.

Of course, Font really admires Neymar with all the skills he has, but on the one hand the club can only be realistic looking at their financial condition.

“I love him as a player, I enjoy it because of pure talent but we have to be realistic,”

“From now on the club will have a strong leadership. Apart from that, the club is financial and he might want a competitive salary – we can’t pay for this, “Font told Goal.

But, apart from financial reasons, Font also emphasized that this was a matter of pride, because he considered Neymar to have trampled on the pride of the Catalan giants in the past with demands for a transfer bonus to PSG.

“Apart from these facts, we cannot forget many other aspects. We are FCB and the club is more important than one person. Neymar left us. He’s constantly suing the FCB. I think this choice is clear, “concluded Font.

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