In the midst of a defensive crisis, Manchester City still won’t sign new players

The shock defeat by Manchester City in the Premier League match against Manchester United last weekend, did not necessarily make manager Pep Guardiola panic. It is true that the defeat made them farther from the top of the table occupied by Liverpool.

As is known, Manchester City host Manchester United on 16th week of Premier League last weekend. In the match, Manchester City’s hosts were clearly more favored, but surprisingly, they were beaten by a final score of 1-2. The defeat had a major impact on City’s chances of retaining the Premier League title this season. Because, now Citizen is in 3rd place in the standings, and is behind 14 points from the top, Liverpool.

It is undeniable the fact that this season’s campaign is still very long, but one thing to remember Manchester City, that Liverpool have not even suffered a defeat so far. The addition of new players might help City to cut points. Moreover, they are lacking ammunition in the heart of the defense, following Aymeric Laporta’s injury.

However, something different was actually said by Pep Guardiola’s manager responding to the suggestion. The former Barcelona coach admitted he was satisfied with the performance of his players today, so he felt no need to recruit new ammunition in 2020 January.

“Yes, I like this team. We have the details needed to do it and come back. But it was a decision determined not only by myself, but also by the club. The club also gave opinions, but I don’t think so. I like my players when this,”

“We have to look at ourselves and say OK, we have to try again and again. But in all matches, except for 15 or 20 minutes against Chelsea, overall I like it. I like this team, what we play, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to know football is all about scoring goals and not conceding – and in that respect we are not good enough, “Guardiola was quoted as saying in the Sun.

Actually, the condition of Manchester City is now not fine, they are only able to package two wins from seven matches in all competitions.

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