Indonesia cancels its proposal to host Asia serial badminton tournament

After deciding to withdraw from the Thomas and Uber Cup 2020 Tournaments, Indonesia also stated that it had withdrawn from submitting to host the Asian series Badminton Tournament.

As is known, previously PBSI was actively preparing athletes to participate in the Thomas and Uber Cup 2020 Tournaments. They even held a Simulation Tournament for the competition.

Unfortunately, last weekend PBSI announced that Indonesia had withdrawn from the Tournament due to several things related to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Now, just a day later, Indonesia has withdrawn from submitting to host the Badminton Asia series tournament.

In fact, Indonesia’s decision to cancel this submission is very unfortunate, because the BWF really considers our country to host three Asian tournaments, including Asia Open I, Asia Open II and the 2020 BWF World Tour Finals.

The plan is for the three tournaments to be held in November 2020.

However, Indonesia is completely helpless in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic, which is still relatively massive. The situation is getting more complicated because DKI Jakarta has implemented the PSBB regulations again.

Naturally, because in the capital city itself, the number of additional Covid-19 numbers has increased sharply, even reaching more than 1000 new cases per day.

In fact, until this news was published there were a total of 59 countries that prohibited their citizens from visiting Indonesia. The reason is apart from the massive spread of the virus, health services in our country are also very minimal.

“Seeing the reaction of the participating countries, BWF seems to be withdrawing its offer from Indonesia as the host of the Asian series tournament, therefore we have taken a stance to immediately cancel the plan to host,” Budi said in a PBSI release.

PBSI has also written an official letter to Menpora Zainudin Amali regarding the decision. They have also canceled reservations for buildings that were booked for the tournament.

Badminton athletes who had been involved in the Thomas and Uber Cup 2020 simulation admitted that they were happy with this decision.

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