Indonesia celebrities make a creative expand to Youtube, this is what Raditya Dika said…

Great opportunity to get passive income through Youtube Video Channel makes many people start an online business on this one. In fact, many artists also try to get rupiah coffers via Youtube.

It is undeniable that Youtube is one of the platforms made by Google that has begun to favor the people of Indonesia since the last few years.

People are starting to turn to looking for information or just entertainment by watching videos on YouTube. As a result, this situation is used by many people to reap personal benefits.

Not only ordinary people, among the artists too many who jumped into the YouTube World to benefit. Regarding this phenomenon, one Stand Up Comedian tried to comment.

Recently, Anissa Aziza’s husband uploaded a video on her Channel, discussing artists who began migrating to Youtube.

“Now people say, YouTube used to be more than TV, now YouTube is a TV artist, so I want to give my perspective also about these things in this video,” Radit said in the video.

Raditya Dika is practically a senior on Youtube, he has started this business since 2007, then not many people watched the video on Google’s Platform. But for a long time, Radit really wanted many people to join in.

“The first thing I can say is that with so many people playing on YouTube right now, TV artists or new people, who we don’t know who suddenly sticking out and go straight up. I have always held the opinion that the more people who play YouTube, the better in my opinion, “said Radit.

In fact, he claimed to always try to convince fellow artists to try this business, such as when working at the Television Station and so on.

“When I show for example, I work at a TV station, and there are TV artists hanging out, I am among those who say, eh you don’t want to try to go to YouTube, because people now are really watching YouTube, the industry is starting to grow,” said Radit.

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