Indonesian Government officially banned all foreigners come to Indonesia

Senior Indonesian Presenter, Deddy Corbuzier seemed very excited by the emergence of news that said that the Government of Indonesia had officially banned Foreign Citizens (foreigners) from entering the country.

For information, Deddy Corbuzier previously had a chance to stir up national media and homeland netizens with his complaints against the Government of Indonesia. More precisely, Azka Corbuzier’s father criticized the Indonesian Government’s policies.

Of course, this policy is not related to the Coronavirus Pandemic, which is increasingly worrying the Indonesian people. The findings of 1,414 cases led the Government to call on all Communities to remain at home.

They are prohibited from going out, with the exception of emergency matters. Deddy Corbuzier strongly agreed with the appeal, but what made him unbelievable was the government’s policy regarding Foreign Citizens entering the country.

Indeed the fact is so, the Government still allows foreigners to come as they pleased to Indonesia. In fact, this is one of the media to spread this virus.

Therefore, Deddy Corbuzier considers that the Indonesian Government’s policies are not balanced. Interestingly, shortly after the Magician’s post was stirred, news emerged claiming that the Government had banned the arrival of foreigners.

This was also conveyed by Deddy Corbuzier via upload on his Personal Instagram account. He uploaded a screenshot of the news.

“There finally … They heard me. Today is closed. And for those who are fighting and arguments when I say I have to close … And on the noise yourself … Look at this, Remember we all want the best for this country … Love u all. After this I am smeared, “wrote Deddy Corbuzier.

The upload then re-invited comments from Netizens who were followers of the Actress on Instagram.

“This just stopped. Yesterday, I actually wanted tourism. #dagelan, “write the account @ anindhii **.

“Even though it’s actually too late,” write the account @asnelly_gusti _ *** yuni.

Although considered late, there are also Netizens who continue to appreciate the policy.

“Thank God, finally after so many souls were floating. Better late then never, “write the account @ emma_ * eb * ina.

Meanwhile, the Corona Virus Case has reached 1,414 to date in Indonesia, with 121 of them dying.

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