Indra Bruggman reluctant to appear on the screen as a soap opera star

Do you still remember Indra Bruggman? This soap opera actor recently rarely appears on the screen. During the last few years, Indra was never a soap opera star anymore.

Talking about this, the 39 year old man admitted that he was tired of playing soap operas in Indonesia. Not without reason. According to him, the current storylines in Indonesian soap operas are not in accordance with his wishes, and tend to make no sense.

Previously, Indra had indeed decided to take a hiatus from acting. Several years later, he then returned and got a number of offers to star in soap operas, but he refused the offer.

That’s because according to him, the soap opera world in Indonesia is not progressing, it is even worse.

“Yesterday there were still offers to play soap operas, but I’ve given up playing soap operas.”

“Yesterday I had a long hiatus, I kept trying to go back to soap operas, I thought soap operas would be better after I last shot, but it actually got worse, that’s what made me give up playing soap operas,” said Indra.

To be honest, Indra, who has been playing soap operas for a very long time, admits that he is embarrassed if he has to star in a soap opera with a strange storyline.

“I just refused, it’s so weird, alay, I don’t like it, it means I’m old, I’ve been filming since 1997, then suddenly I have to go back to soap operas with stories like that, and I have to promote on social media, Can you imagine? My emotion, “he said.

Even according to Indra, the quality of Indonesian soap operas today is somewhat worse than the quality of soap operas in the past. In fact, this should not be the case, especially with the presence of social media, where people are free to criticize broadcasts on television.

“In the past, there was no social media, so if it was bad no one would protest, but if it’s a little bad now, we are the ones who are protested as players, we are not the ones who do it,” said Indra.

For information, Indra L Bruggman is indeed a soap opera star who was so famous in the early 2000s. Some of the iconic soap operas he has starred in include Jinny oh Jinny and Who’s Afraid to Fall in Love.

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