Inter Milan not interested to get back Gabigol

Transfer Agent Gabriel Barbosa has confirmed that his client will not return to Inter Milan next summer, until now he is still contracting with the Italian club.

Gabriel Barbosa aka Gabigol is a young Brazilian striker. Previously, he was predicted to be a star of the future. Naturally, at the beginning of his appearance, he performed brilliantly with Santos FC, a former Neymar club.

Since its appearance, Gabigol has won with a large number of Europeans, in the end the player docked at Inter Milan in the 2016 summer transfer window. Unfortunately, the performance along with the Nerazzurri did not match expectations.

For this reason, the agreed ones were finally loaned out to the club. Starting from Benfica, then with his former club, Santos, and now Gabigol won the loan period with Flamengo.

At an attractive club, the 23-year-old selected player performed brilliantly again. He succeeded in bringing Flamengo to the championship in the Brazilian Serie A event and also the Copa Libertadores. Individually, his performance was also very flashy, he successfully became the Top Scorer in the Copa Libertadores event.

His contract at Inter Milan is still remaining until the coming 2021. However, it is small to be returned to the San Siro. This was launched directly by the player’s Transfer Agent, Junior Pedroso.

“Have you ever heard Gabriel say,” I played well in Brazil, now I want to show Inter that I can go back and play well there ‘or something like that? No, never ever,”

“The reality is that the road is not returning, the door is closed on Gabigol permanently. That was never a choice. I can say that he was very happy like that. “Pedroso said to

However, the most important thing right now is that Gabigol is happy and comfortable playing for Flamengo.

“With the Flamengo, with the club that welcomes him very well, his team-mates who love him, fans who need all kinds of attention. He has amazing coaches like Jorge Jesus who helped him. That’s all he needs, “he concluded.

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