Inter Milan rejected Gonzalo Higuain’s status

Future speculation Gonzalo Higuain continues to be a question, this latest mention if the dream of the player moving to Inter Milan is claimed to be null and void. Through a hidden statement, the Inter reportedly rejected the status of the player’s offer from Juventus.

Juventus are actually no longer interested in maintaining Higuain, and have included their names on the selling list in the upcoming 2019 summer transfer market. So far, the move of Juventus have run smoothly with the success of lending Higuain to two different clubs starting from AC Milan and Chelsea.

Now from two different clubs, Higuain’s future is claimed to be over. Chelsea themselves are rumored to want to sweeten Higuain in the summer. But because of the transfer penalty, the good intentions are predicted to fail miserably.

Juventus also have plans to continue to look for a new club for Higuain. But according to Marca’s report, the Nerrazurri refused the option to bring in the Argentine striker. Juventus’ offer to Inter was not without cause, where they saw a gap to offer an attacker as Mauro Icardi’s case made Inter dizzy.

It is known together that Inter are troubled by Icardi’s attitude, where they have argued with the player in recent months. To the extent that the player’s status as a team captain was removed, and the player was sulking with not playing or practicing.

The chaos also developed the oponi that Icardi would leave, and on that basis why Juventus dared to offer Higuain status. However, all of that have been seen now and Inter reject the Juventus offer.

Investigated, Inter’s refusal of Higuain’s status had two reasons, where the first they rated the transfer value and requested salary of Higuain was too high for the 31-year-old striker. And the second is that Higuain’s ability has been assessed as decreasing so Inter are afraid of making a failed purchase.

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