Introducing the new WAGs of Manchester City?

Manchester City in the 2019-2020 season gave a few interesting surprises, not only succeeded in bringing in new players in the 2019 summer transfer market, it turns out they also provide an unusual sight and certainly make the men smile to themselves.

Manchester City are back to being favorites to win the English Premier League this season, they have just proven that prediction is appropriate as in the inaugural week yesterday successfully repulse host West Ham United with a score of 5-0. The victory also made them ranked the top of the standings.

Now many world-class football observers say Pep Guardiola’s tactics this season, have become increasingly dangerous as new players arrive. The players who have been signed are Rodri Hernandez, who was brought in from Atletico Madrid and Joao Cancelo from Juventus.

Interestingly here is when the name of Cancelo became the main attention of Manchester City fans. Investigated, the sharp spotlight on this player because of his own wife, Daniela Machado, who often shares her life story with her husband, Cancelo.

Luckily for Machado, Manchester City fans welcomed him very well, and it was proven that the number of his followers had increased with the presence of Cancelo at the Etihad Stadium. A warm welcome flowed in the comments section of the Machado Instagram account.

“During his arrival in Manchester. Your husband will be amazing at City.” Written by Manchester City fans, who always support for Cancelo’s move this season.

Referring to the romance of this Portuguese couple, it is certain that Machado’s personal life with Cancelo is rarely seen in front of the camera. One last seen together in public is when the success of Juventus won the eighth title of luck in the Italian Serie A.

In contrast to her husband who is rarely active on social media, it turns out that Machado is very active, who is not shy to show off her beauty when wearing a sexy bikini on the beach. Machado activity is also able to absorb more than 50,000 followers on Instagram.

Valencia is a club that has contributed to the romance of Machado and Cancelo, because at this club, these two knew each other after the player was on loan from Inter Milan in the 2017 season. Now, both of them are waiting for a super gift from God, by waiting for the birth of their first child.

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