Irfan Bachdim shared personal experience become a victim of racial discrimination

Handsome face and wealthy life are not guarantee to avoid discrimination, for example, Irfan Bachdim. Jennifer Bachdim’s husband even claimed to have been a victim of racism while still living in the Netherlands.

Irfan Bachdim, 31 years old is one of the Naturalization players who has long lived in Indonesia. Before moving to the country, Irfan briefly underwent his career as a football player in the Netherlands.

However, the experience he got in the Waterwheel Country was unpleasant. Having a mixed Dutch-Indonesian face apparently made Irfan Bahcdim often become the target of racism by supporters of opposing clubs.

“In the Netherlands there are also many racists. When I play at amateur clubs or Utrecht academies, when I play well they make bad words about Asians or foreigners, “Irfan Bachdim said when

Of course, that bitter experience made Irfan Bachdim like a foreigner in the country he had lived in since he was a child.

“When I played in the Netherlands I never felt like a Dutchman. I always feel that people come from the other side, “said Irfan Bachdim.

As a result, penggawa Bali United decided to fly to Indonesia and defend the Indonesian National Team. Although the quality is far from the standardization of the Dutch national team, Irfan is not at all interested in defending the Oranje banner on the international stage.

“To be honest, my quality is also not good enough to play in the Dutch national team. However, I am proud to play for the Indonesian national team because I am Indonesian, “said Irfan Bachdim.

Not only that, the bitter experience felt also made Irfan not want his son to settle in the Netherlands and get similar treatment from the people there.

“When I chose an Indonesian passport I already had a picture of wanting to stay and live in old age here. I don’t want Kenji to go back to the Netherlands and there are people who bully and say bad things to him,” he added.

For information, the issue of racism in the last month has often been a conversation after the death of George Floyd, a black person who died at the hands of the Minneapolis Police.

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