Irwansyah admits experiencing huge losses due to fraud accusation

Name of Irwansyah was recently again suspected of being dragged into a fraud case, as told by a businessman named Farkhan Rifqi. However, the person concerned did not report Zaskia Sungkar’s husband.

Even so, Irwansyah himself felt that this was defamation, as a result, he reported Farkhan to the South Jakarta Metro Jaya Police.

As is known, the singer of the song “Pecinta Wanita” was previously suspected of fraud reported by Medina Zein. Fortunately, in the end, this case ended in peace, Medina Zein dropped the charges.

The same thing happened to Farkhan Rifqi’s report, he decided not to report the case to the authorities. However, Irwansyah felt that his name was tarnished, because of the accusations that were heard.

For that reason, he finally reported Farkhan to the authorities.

“What is certain is that it interferes with existing contracts. Surely you will receive calls from friends, TV or everyone asking why there’s such of news? What happen? That makes all my work pending, “said Irwansyah when he was met at the South Jakarta Metro Police.

Irwansyah also admitted that he suffered material losses, but he did not mention how much the amount of losses were.

“I don’t know if the material is, it can’t be counted,” he continued.

Irwansyah admitted that he had indeed worked with Farkhan, but it was business cooperation as usual. When there is a problem, it should be that the company’s consumption should not be disclosed to the public.

He also hopes that similar accusations against him can end and become a lesson for him and others.

“(Think) No, I don’t know. This is a problem. I would say this is a company problem, why do you have to presscon like that,”

“Hopefully this can be a lesson for us all. So there is no more slander. So everyone has the same legal rights, yes, I can report. I also make a report. Well, thank God, this (report) is now under investigation,” said Irwansyah.

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