It turns out that Patin fish help to prevent strokes and heart disease

Patin fish is so popular among the people of Indonesia. This fish meat is a favorite of seafood enthusiasts, besides its savory taste, its texture is also soft. Not only that, almost every part of catfish can also be devoured.

Apart from the culinary side, apparently in terms of health, many assumptions are circulating in the community that patin fish has many benefits. This was later confirmed by Dr. Dr. Samuel Oetoro MS, SpGK (K) as a clinical nutritionist.

He explained that catfish was classified as one of the fish that had the highest amount of protein.

“Patin fish is very useful because catfish is one of the fish groups that contain the most protein. Patin fish is the number five type of fish with the most protein, “he said.

Not just a matter of protein, it turns out that patin fish are also highly recommended for consumption for those who have just had surgery. Because the high protein turned out to help wound healed surgery quickly.

“Its effect on the postoperative recovery process, because the wound healing process really needs protein, so it’s very high in protein to speed up the healing process,” he explained.

For information, patin fish have also been shown to contain good fats. In fact, good fats can help us to avoid various types of diseases, including strokes and heart disease. This was also confirmed by Dr. Samuel.

However, the processing before consumption must also be right. Fried patin fish cannot be categorized as preventing heart disease and stroke.

“Patin fish has a lot of fat but healthy fats because of high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, including healthy fats. We know Omega 3 can prevent heart disease, strokes in the brain, but processing it shouldn’t be fried, “he explained.

In addition to being rich in protein and good fats, patin fish have high calcium and phosphorus content. Both of these ingredients are known to be very good for healthy bones and teeth. So, no need to hesitate anymore to consume patin fish.

But to get the best benefits of patin fish, you should not fry it.

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