Italy’s sports minister says Ronaldo ‘breached’ Covid protocol

Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to return to Italy in a condition infected with the Corona Virus is deemed to have violated health protocol rules by Vincenzo Spadafora as the Italian Minister of Sports.

As is known, the Juventus mega star has indeed been known to have contracted the corona virus while defending the Portugal National Team at the 2020 UEFA Nations League.

In fact, because of the medical test results Ronaldo was forced to miss the match against Sweden. In addition, the player is also required to self-quarantine for the next 10 days.

However, instead of undergoing self-quarantine in Portugal, the 35-year-old player decided to fly to Turin. On Wednesday (14/10), Ronaldo landed in Italy on a private plane and was picked up by a special ambulance to his residence in Turin.

Juventus itself has actually explained that the flight carried out by Cristiano Ronaldo has received permission from the relevant authorities. Of course, after that the player will undergo self-quarantine at his home.

However, Vincenzo Spadafora, as the Italian Sports Minister, claims that the former Real Madrid star has yet to obtain official permission.

“Yes, I think he violated the health protocol, without any special permission from the health authorities,” Spadafora told Rai Radio 1 quoted by Football Italia.

Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly in good health, without any symptoms, but he will still have to undergo the self-quarantine process for the next 10 days. It could be that the self-quarantine will take longer if the next test shows that the player is still positive.

Regardless, there has been a recent discourse that clubs in Italy have applied for permission to open stadiums again. Allow a limited number of spectators to attend and adhere to health protocols.

A number of leagues have already done this, such as the French League and the German Bundesliga. However, for Serie A, there still needs to be monitoring regarding the growth rate of cases in November.

“For now, that’s for sure. The region has proposed 25 percent of the capacity, but for now we can’t give permission,”

“At least until next month. We have to see how the curve of transmission from here to mid-November,” said Spadafora.

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