Nyaris Mustahil Steven Gerrard Tangani Liverpool Dalam Waktu Dekat

It’s Almost Impossible For Stever Gerrard To Handle Liverpoo In The Near Future

The negative period that Liverpool have lived this season has led to rumors of Jurgen Klopp’s dismissal from the manager’s seat, even club legend Steven Gerrard is believed to be his replacement. However, Dave King as the former Chairman of Glasgow Rangers thinks it is almost impossible to happen.

As is known, Steven Gerrard did decide to enter the managerial world after hanging up his boots in 2017. In 2018, he started working as a coach for Scottish club Glasgow Rangers.

With the bond he has with Liverpool as well as his slick performance as Rangers coach, Gerrard is predicted to be the future coach of the Reds to replace Jurgen Klopp.

What’s more, the contracts of the two coaches in their respective teams will end in the same year 2024.

However, following Liverpool’s poor performance in recent months, Gerrard’s return to Anfield is expected to happen sooner. At least this speculation has recently graced the coverage of the British media.

Responding to this issue, Dave King as the former Chairman of Glasgow Rangers considers that it is almost impossible to materialize in the near future.

“I think there is a zero percent chance of Steven going to Liverpool in the near future,” he told the Glasgow Times.

At least, there are two reasons that make Dave King think like that, first because Liverpool could not just fire Klopp, who has been very accomplished in the last three seasons.

Meanwhile, the second reason is because Gerrard is not the typical person who dumps his contract with a club.

“I say that for two reasons. Liverpool as a club don’t just dump their manager. Klopp has done a fantastic job, they have had a difficult season, but he is still a great manager and I think he will still be there next season, continue to be successful. ”

“Secondly, Steven is not the type to break contracts. Steven extended his contract with Rangers full of the knowledge that it would require winning the title and then defending the title.” he said.

For Gerrard, he thinks it would be better if he stayed at Rangers, developing his talents as a football coach before trying a higher level.

“From Steven’s point of view, spending the next few years at Rangers will be good for him, his career and, of course, it will be good for Rangers,” continued King.

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