It’s only a matter of time, Griezmann will be a mainstay in Barcelona

French striker Antoine Griezmann’s performance with Barcelona still looks mediocre so far. However, Meho Kodro believes that it is only a matter of time before the former Atletico becomes an important player at the Catalan club.

Griezmann, who once defended Real Sociedad, actually joined Barcelona in the 2019 summer transfer market yesterday. He was redeemed from Atletico Madrid through a pocket of 120 million euros.

Unfortunately, until now Griezmann’s performance is considered to have not met expectations at Barcelona. The new player has recorded 17 goals and 5 assists in 57 appearances in all competitions with the Catalan giants.

Many consider that the French national team player does not fit Barcelona’s style of play. In addition, it is also reported that the player has a bad relationship with the club’s main star, Lionel Messi.

However, Meho Kodro disagrees with this assumption.

It should be noted, Meho Kodro is a former coach of the Real Sociedad Junior team, where Griezmann was handled by him while he was still in the club’s academy team.

Kodro considers that Griezmann is only burdened by media coverage so that it is difficult to get his best performance out.

“He is aware that he is not performing as well as he can. That is the essence of Barca, if things are not going well and he does not appear there is a lot of media pressure. The ball gets bigger and it is a burden on the players,” Kodro told Sport.

However, Kodro does not doubt the quality of Antoine Griezmann. He believes the French striker will be able to become an important Barcelona player, it is all a matter of time.

“I have no doubt that Griezmann can be more than him now. I know what he can do, I know him. He can explode at any time. With more confidence. I hope he can achieve it and finally succeed,” he concluded.

It is likely, Griezmann will be the mainstay of Barcelona next season, given that Lionel Messi has the opportunity to leave Camp Nou after his contract ends next year. But of course, it all depends on the player himself.

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