Ivan Gunawan fully supports the prohibition of “Mudik”

One of Indonesia’s comedians and designers, Ivan Gunawan, asked the government to act decisively to everyone who was determined to go home in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Various efforts are being made by the Government of Indonesia to break the chain of the spread of Covid-19 virus. One way is by forbidding the public to carry out homecoming activities in this year of Idul Fitri.

The ban was even expressed by the President of Indonesia, Ir. Joko Widodo.

Because the actual homecoming activities involving people who work in the city back to the village as their hometown can actually expand the spread of the virus.

In other words, potential homecoming people unwittingly bring and spread the virus to their hometowns.

Ivan Gunawan is aware of the dangerous potential, according to him people should worry about parents or relatives at home who could be more vulnerable to contracting this virus.

“Usually when children work in Jakarta, their parents are in the village, so don’t bring illness. I am afraid if you come to your village, it will be your parents who are victims, “Ivan Gunawan said in a television program recently.

Another comedian, Wendy Cagur, also revealed the same thing. According to him, parents may not necessarily be able to ward off this virus.

“You guys are strong, not necessarily their parents are strong,” said Wendy Cagur.

Ivan Gunawan asked the public to be more aware that actually the prohibition of going home was not an appeal, but became an awareness in the midst of the current situation.

“Actually this is not a rule, so it must be understood by all of us. Sometimes I want to meet my father, sometimes my father still likes to be scared. Wear a mask and keep your distance. Yes, parents whose names are afraid of sugar, heart disease, and other diseases, “he continued.

He then asked the Government to take firm action against those who were determined to go home.

“Hopefully the government can act decisively if anyone still forces them to return home,” he concluded.

Not only the prohibition of Mudik, some regions also impose rules on PSBB or Large Scale Social Restrictions. Similar to Lockdown, but the rules are more lax, not too restricted.

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