Jack Wilshere doesn’t know why Ozil being ignored by Arsenal

Former Arsenal player, Jack Wilshere claimed not to understand the reason why world-class midfielders like Mesut Ozil actually just became the trimmer on the bench at his former club.

Ozil is actually one of the stars possessed by Arsenal, but his predicate has seemed to fade over the past few years. German players are rarely played, even since the Unai Emery era.

Then, the arrival of Mikel Arteta had a bit of hope for this Turkish bloody player. He had a chance to get regular play, but not long after returning only became a bench warmer.

Even ironically, the former Real Madrid star was not revealed in the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Chelsea last weekend. He was also not there, when the Gunners players celebrated the title.

The public then assumed that the heart of the 31-year-old player was indeed not at the Emirates Stadium.

While Jack Wilshere, who is now defending West Ham United, had become Ozil’s teammate at Arsenal. He also does not understand why midfielders like Ozil are rarely relied on by the club.

“In terms of football capabilities, I love playing with him. He is one of my favorite players to play together. He always gives you the ball all the time at the right time, with the right speed.”

“So, I’m surprised he didn’t play, but I don’t know what happened there with that. There must be something we don’t know because I can’t see why he doesn’t play in terms of his soccer abilities,” Wilshere told talkSPORT.

In his view, a Mesut Ozil is a playmaker who is very appropriate to accompany sharp striker Aubameyang’s classmate.

“Especially with Aubameyang, the type of player like him, you can imagine Ozil standing behind him baiting him. It’s incredible,”

“There must be something we don’t know. I’m sure Arteta already has a plan and she is trying to put it into practice. I am sure we will know in the next few weeks what is happening,” he said.

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