James Milner believes City will “rise up” next season

James Milner asked his colleagues to be vigilant and not sink into the joy of winning the Premier League. The reason is, the captain believes Manchester City next season will fight hard to get up.

Liverpool had never won a Premier League title again since the new format was rolled out in 1990 until now.

Indeed, the Marseyside team was very close to the title, including last season when the club was only a point away from Manchester City in the final standings. But this season, the competition with Pep Guardiola’s troops was won by Liverpool.

Manchester City are 23 points behind Liverpool after their defeat to Chelsea, and the remaining 7 matches this season have made it impossible to reach the gap. That is, Jurgen Klopp’s troops automatically won.

Yes, Liverpool finally won their first Premier League title in 30 years. Of course, this success raises joy in the hearts of Liverpool players.

However, captain James Milner cautions that it will not be easy to defend this title next season. Because, Manchester City certainly does not let the title come out of their reach again next season.

Being as good as next year like us this year won’t be enough because City will improve their game and so will Manchester United and other clubs, ”

All of these teams push to the top and when you are right on top, everyone wants to take it from you. We are now there to be shot – and we need to be big enough to face it. We must continue to push, “he told The Times.

Liverpool’s success in locking the Premier League title this season does not necessarily end. The Marseyside team still has to play the remaining 7 matches this season, and Milner insists that his players will continue to fight for victory.

You don’t want to look back and think “Oh, we won the title but our last seven games are sad, we can’t get it”, said Milner.

Next, Liverpool will face Manchester City in the Premier League continued.

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