James Rodriguez admits why he rarely perform on the pitch

James Rodriguez is one of the players who had a difficult season, because he rarely got the chance to play at Real Madrid. Interestingly, the Colombian was also confused when asked about the reasons behind Zidane’s decision.

The former US Monaco player was actually a mainstay of Real Madrid, but since Zidane came, he was often pushed aside from the main squad. Even because of these conditions, James was loaned to the German club, Bayern Munich.

However, after two seasons playing as a loan player at Bayern, James was unable to convince Die Bavarians to recruit him permanently. Like it or not, the 28-year-old returned to the Santiago Bernabeu last summer.

The hope of returning to Real Madrid is of course to get more play quota than before. But in fact the same situation still has to be faced by James, he still rarely plays as a starter.

The public then asked, Why did James’s classmate who had been a Top Scorer at the World Cup even ignored Zidane. Answering this, James could only be silent, he was also confused why coaches rarely rely on him.

“Why didn’t I play? That is a good question and I also want to know why,”

“When you win an important title with a player you already trust, and when you get the point, it will be very difficult to change,” James told Gol Caracol while laughing.

However, regardless of Zidane’s reasons, James admitted that he remained unhappy with the situation. Because the Colombian feels that he will have difficulty proving quality if he rarely gets a chance to play.

“The complexity when your coach doesn’t give minutes to play permanently, it feels to be difficult,”

“It’s hard to show your skills in just a few minutes, you can’t do everything you know. Those in the world of football understand what I’m saying, “he added.

James is more often revealed as a substitute, even in the match against Valencia yesterday, he was not played in his original position, he instead was revealed as a winger.

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